When Private Surveillance Could Be the Reassurance You Are Looking for

According to online reports there were roughly 100,000 divorces applied for in the UK in 2016, and not all of them were an amicable separation of husband and wife. Many divorces unfortunately happen due to infidelity between one of the parties involved. In many circumstances the situation can turn sour and the introduction of private surveillance is used to aid the case either party are putting together.

The term ‘private investigator’ dates back to 1833 when a french soldier named Eugene Francois Vidocq founded the first known private detective agency. He hired ex convicts do complete his investigation tasks, he felt they would understand the process better.

In the UK the first private surveillance company was set up by Charles Frederick Field in London during 1852. After his retirement from the metropolitan police force, he recognized there was opportunity for people who needed a discreet service for their own personal investigation or situation.

Many of us would have the stereotypical commercial picture of an investigator in our heads. Possibly someone who hides in the bushes with a giant pair of binoculars, or someone that sneaks around the shadows just out of view of any unsuspecting person. Many films have portrayed such characters, but the truth of the matter is that the service is far more professional and technical than we are led to believe.

There is a professional standard that detective agency’s are regulated by. In 1913 the ABI (The Association of British Investigators) was formed to make sure there were standards and regulations in place to investigating. They wanted to promote integrity and professionalism within its membership.

All the standards were setup to make sure as a customer you receive the best help that is on offer.

In today’s society a private detective agency can offer many aspects of surveillance for any given situation, from investigation into fraudulent insurance claims to employee theft. They leave no stone unturned until they can provide you with all the relevant information, results and analysis that are found during their investigations.

In the above case type of infidelity, specialist private detectives can offer covert surveillance operations to watch a partners movements. Equipment such as vehicle tracking devices are used to track, trace and record movements at specific dates and times. Computer tracking devices are all used to gain evidence as to the partners movements and location.

Investigation work is not just used in fidelity cases. In business it can used just as effectively, for instance a company that has sales people remotely employed around the country may feel that sales are not being met despite all the relevant training and help being given.

Investigations can be undertaken on an individual or team as to why these sales targets are not being met. Employees may not be attending their appointments or maybe fabricating clients so they do not have to work the hours they are contracted.

If you are looking for a surveillance firm where would you go? The best place to start would be to complete an online search of companies in your area, there could be one close to you. If you live in a larger city like London you will no doubt have access to more companies as the demand will be greater.

Next time that you feel there may be something under hand happening at your place of work or you feel that your partner is not being entirely faithful and sneaking off at strange times of the day with no explanation. It maybe a good time to think about contacting a detective agency. It might be an innocent reason, but it is worth putting your mind at rest and having it investigated by a professional.