Travel Bucket List – Do You Have One?

Travel Bucket List – Do You Have One?

They have become increasingly popular these days. Especially as people write down their dreams to better visualize them and have them become reality. But to make them come true, we need income.

Now, we all have our different reasons for creating residual income. Some of us don’t like our jobs. Others want to spend more time with their families, while others want the freedom that money can allow us.

I will admit that I want ‘all the above’.

But, ever since I was young, I have had the travel bug.

As a kid growing up in London, I remember my Gran going to Hawaii and thinking it was the end of the earth. I was so jealous and could not envisage that I would ever get to America. I used to read about it and make lists of the cities in America I would visit when I got older.

Well, fast-forward 25 years and I have back-packed around the whorl, been to 45 states in America, lived in Australia and now spent 12 years in Japan.

I guess I have never really stopped traveling.

But I want more? Am I greedy? Maybe, but a while back, I compiled my travel bucket list and made my top 5 places to visit. And I will get there, and be earning while I am there. That I promise you!

Do you have a Travel Bucket List?

Here is my top 5:

5. Madagascar (travel bucket list)

I always remember Madagascar being so far way from everywhere. A place where no-one I know has been. But it is not all Lemurs. Madagascar has some of the least explored, beautiful beaches on earth. Give me this over Bora Bora any day. Real paradise… although I would not mind Bora Bora either.

4. Norway (travel bucket list)

The Fjords in Norway are famed for their spectacular beauty. In a world where pollution casts a grey cloud (literally) over many wonderful places, the Fjords remind me of how fresh and pure nature should be.

Crystal blue fresh water, abundant nature and calmness personified. I would love to cruise along thee serene fjords and contemplate life.

Now I live in Japan, they seem further away than ever but one day, I will take my wife here.

3. Patagonia (travel bucket list)

Ever since my fascination with other countries and places began, Patagonia to me has seemed like the end of the world. A mystical place, like in Lord of the Rings when the Elves set sail from Middle Earth. What awaited them we do not know. It is the same here. The beauty is striking.

The land so pure, unforgiving and yet majestic in its beauty. The picture below says it all. Patagonia, the end of the world

Do you have a Travel Bucket List?

2. The Galapagos Islands (travel bucket list)

When my wife and I married, I was toying with the idea of going on honeymoon here. In the end, it was too far and too expensive to get there from Japan. It still fascinates me and is number 2 on my travel bucket list.

Now I know the image is mainly the giant tortoises, but there is so much more weird and wonderful wildlife to be seen. The diving is also some of the best in the world I have heard.

1. Bhutan- The Last Shangri-LA (travel bucket list)

For as long as I can remember, Bhutan has been my number 1. Maybe it is like Tibet as Tibet should have been. The last Shangri-la. I would simply love to do a 2 or 3 week trekking expedition. The views, from what i have seen are breathtaking. The below photo shows Bhutan’s most famous temple, precariously perched on a mountainside. This is the pinnacle of my travel bucket list.

So that is it.

What does it have to do with a blog on network marketing? Well, that is my vehicle to achieve the finances to grasp and live my dream.

And the best part, I get to do it while helping others achieve their dreams and go to the places on their travel bucket list.