What Are The Best Virtual Assistant Tasks That You Can Do?

What Are The Best Virtual Assistant Tasks That You Can Do?

As mentioned in the previous post, there are a lot of fields where a virtual assistant may focus on, from administrative, creative, technical specialized areas, and so we explore more details about these here. Listed below are some of the best virtual assistant tasks done today, mainly centered on those that can be commonly done by newcomers in the online working community.

1. Secretarial Tasks

These are your necessary administrative duties, only done remotely online including file management, data entry, updating and management of contact and customer lists. You can also do calendar or schedule management like securing appointments, booking flights, hotel accommodations, and other necessary travel arrangements for your client. Basic reporting is also included here such as creating slide presentations or other forms of data presentations.

2. Email and Customer Management

With almost all businesses involving electronic communications, there is also a need for organizing emails, filtering for spam, setting up of autoresponders, and so much more. Basic customer service relations tasks are also necessary for a quick response to customer email (chat support), following up with customers, and sending out group emails and newsletters.

3. Content Management

This refers to doing research online on specific topics, either for your client to create their blog or for you to create your own. You may manage a blog, and publish your client’s or your posts on it. This is the best task for a virtual assistant who is inclined to studying and diligent writing.

4. Transcription

It is also quite common for the need of video and audio files transcription for reasons like improving your searchability by search engines, or enabling people to watch your videos in a sound-prohibitive environment. It is also considerate action for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing.

5. Social Media Management

Another aspect wherein every business should participate on is in social media presence. Thus, there is a need for setting up of social media accounts, managing and updating it, and various tasks to improve social media reach.

6. Basic Graphic Designing and Video Marketing

Some software or web-based tools are available for these tasks catered specially for ease of use. Basically what you need is to have the eye for design and artistic or creative thinking.

Other examples of specialized fields:

Programming and Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced Graphic Designing and Editing

Advanced Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Online Teaching

Ultimately, when it comes to finding out what are the best virtual assistant tasks for you, regular self-check is a must. Know where you are competent at and continue nurturing these skills. And if you are improving new skills in an area where you have potential growth, do so with a clear end goal in sight (adjusting your life path is reasonable as long as you do not do it too often). Exploring more and more skills sounds very appealing, but always remember to weigh your capabilities. Quickly jumping between fields may not always be a better option as compared to carefully selecting which areas you will invest your time in (it is perfectly OK to go slow). Practice studying yourself because only you can determine whether you succeed in your endeavors or not.