Evaluation of Pop-up Trade Show Displays Currently on the Market

The pop-up style expandable frame display has now been in existence for over 15 years. It is the most common portable display now on the market. The first were made of a flexible fiberglass frame, with aluminum channels bars and roll able fabric that was attached to the framework with magnets. The basic design has not changed over the years, but the options this technology offers has. The frame expands to a large size, allowing a full 10′ wide exhibit to be transported in a relatively small case. The case also contains the fabric, lights and vertical bars allowing for the fabric or photo-mural panels to be attached. Most 10′ pop-ups , in their case weigh under 90 pounds complete. There now are many manufacturers of many types, the most common being a 10′ width display described as follows:

A. Standard Grade Popup – includes lighter weight aluminum frame, individual aluminum, PVC or steel channel bars, Velcro (Frontrunner or Prelude) fabric panels and thermo molded shipping cases with wheels. They are quite common; usually incorporate two 200 watt halogen lights, and a case of some type that can be converted to a podium. They are a standard ten foot wide curved design. The price ranges for the standard curved models in a ten foot width run $995-$2995, depending on the vendor.

B. Commercial Grade Popup – includes heavy weight frame with nylon connectors, folding steel channel bars, Velcro (Frontrunner or Prelude) panels and the choice of 1 or 2 thermo molded shipping cases with wheels. Less common, as they are more expensive, they also come in different shapes, straight or curved, and in many widths. There are only a few brands that may be labeled “commercial” as the tendency of the marketplace has been to make the pop-up exhibit lighter and less expensive to own. They are more for companies that exhibit often, with different employees setting up the display each time. They can take far more abuse than the standard type pop-up found for sale everywhere on the internet. The price ranges for these types run $1795-$3495, depending on the vendor.

C. Photo Mural Grade Popup – A standard grade popup with the substitution of photomural panels instead of the Velcro fabric panels and includes everything in the standard grade pop up. These are still standard pop-ups, but have a greater appeal as they have powerful large-format graphics on the front, attracting attention. They are more expensive, because of the photo panels, but still are just as portable. The customer has to be careful here as many types of panel printing can be offered, from the most expensive DURST LAMBDA to inexpensive ink-jet processes. The prices run from $2195-$5995, depending on the vendor and the print process.

D. Fabric Mural Grade Popup – A popup curved or non-curved frame with a replaceable fabric graphic mural. The fabric mural is pre-attached to the frame, making set-up much easier than the standard pop-up with photomurals. This display offers a full photomural effect without a cumbersome set up procedure. It transports in a lightweight nylon bag, hard shipping case and lights are usually available. These weigh less than half of what standard 10′ pop-ups weigh. The graphic face usually gets wrinkled in the bag, but his can be remedied by the owner with stretching and steaming. The print process needed for these types is important also, as they are generally viewed as a lower quality graphic than what is found on standard pop-ups. This may not be the case, depending on the vendor. Prices for these pre-attached models with fabric faces run $1695-$4995, depending on the vendor and print process.

E. 3-D Style Pop-up – These are the newest entries to the pop-up market. They essentially are the fabric style pre-attached graphic pop-up only with a twist. They have the graphics attached to the framework to give a three dimensional effect, also incorporating different frame shapes, from square to round to trapezoidal. The graphics are already on the frame, making set up of these types very easy. The graphics are also easily removable/ replaceable with costs being low. They run from $995-$8995 depending on the shapes, numbers of graphics and vendors print process used.


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