Clothing Stain Removers Clean Up After Customers

There’s nothing more rewarding to an apparel retailer than a store full of customers. They’re shuffling through racks, swiping their cards, and lining up at the dressing room to try on merchandise. Some of those outfits will no doubt be going home with the customer, and that’s good news for the bottom line. But the bad news might lie in what’s left behind.

It’s no secret to the apparel retailer that customers can be hard on the clothes they try on. Clothing is pulled off instead of gently removed. Instead of being put back on the hanger, pants and shirts are discarded in the corner of the dressing room for the next outfit. Between makeup stains, shoe prints and who knows what else, a busy day at the store can leave your inventory looking a little rough. The challenge is retaining the value of these garments, so you’re still able to sell them at a fair price.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to maintaining the integrity and quality of the merchandise. Since tagged clothing can not be machine washed, a good spot remover is the best solution for removing stains left behind by customers. Removing stains left by customers in the dressing room will maintain the quality of your product, the faith of your customers, and the reputation of your store.

In some apparel stores, garments that are stained is moved to the clearance rack and sold at a discount. This can send a bad message to customers about the quality of the products you carry. If the clearance rack is filled with stained or otherwise damaged clothes, what type of a message is that sending to customers about the store’s standards when it comes to product quality? If the store is willing to sell stained clothing at a discount, customers may assume they’d sell it for full price too.

There are a variety of clothes stain removers formulated to remove all sorts of stains, including oil based, ink spots, alteration marks, lipstick, mascara, foundation, suntan lotion, hair preparation, and eye makeup. It would probably be a good idea to keep a few different brands and formulas on hand, as some work well for a certain type of stain, while others are better for a different type.

Stain removers can be a very handy tool for protecting your bottom line and maintaining the quality of your products. For more information on stain removers and other products with the retailer in mind, visit