Thinking Outside The Box

Everyday I go out for a mini retreat to get inspiration and ideas for my business projects. Before I get into my project, I usually pick up a magazine and look at beautiful jewelry or home décor to inspire my senses with beauty. Beauty helps me tap into my creativity. Similarly, one can get inspiration from nature and the beauty that is all around us: flowers, greenery and waterfalls. Last week, during my retreat at the library I picked up the current issue of Femina magazine and I loved the message of the editorial:

Editor Tanya Chautaya’s message, Don’t know about you, I am done with logic, made me stop to read the editorial before going any further. She gave several examples of people who had created projects in unconventional ways and who took chances that critics would have said wouldn’t work. But work they did. These people thought outside the box and defied logic.

That’s exactly what happens when clients work with me to find ways to share the message about their passionate projects. We don’t look at the how everyone else has done it; we look at how they will do it and what is unique about their way.

Remember, if we want to share our passionate message with the world, we need to express ourselves in our own way. We need to defy logic and get in touch with our creative, intuitive message. We can create effortlessly, like the sun shines effortlessly every day. When we are in sync with the ultimate creator and co-create from our spirit source, we get to express our magic. Being a woman means having an abundance of intuitive energy, all we need to do is tap into it.

In continuing her discussion in Femina, Tanya Chautaya added that the key to defying logic is to learn from children. Children let logic find its way in the choices that they make. She says for example, looking at the current issue of Femina, logic would say go to the focus article mentioned on the cover; but most of us instead rush to the fashion feature on pants. When I work with clients, I have them determine what their fashion feature would be, determine their strengths, identify their childlike voice – the one that is different from the voices of others. From there we design marketing activities around their own voice.

I love how she concludes her exploration of logic by asking, What if you were never to grow up? I help my client find ways to express the fun and creative side of business so that they never have to grow up. I encourage them to own their brilliant childlike voice and create a business that allows them do what they are naturally good at and what brings them joy. Marketing becomes fun and exciting. How freeing not to follow the traditional marketing model, but to create your own model instead!

I have clients who are thinking outside the box and creating careers that allow them to express their passions. One is making a movie about forgiveness by being in touch with her passionate message. Another is the owner of a magazine that educates people about the diversity of cultures in America. She is able to do that because she got in touch with her own pain and passion and fully understands why it means so much to her to educate people. She wants to eliminate myths and stereotypes that are perpetuated about people living in America. Once we connect with the depth of our purpose and find creative ways to express and market our talents, we contribute to the planet in a much larger way.

Copyright (c) 2011 Zahra Efan