Portable Displays Let You Take Your Message With You

Portable Displays Let You Take Your Message With You

There’s no easier way to deliver a consistent message than by taking that same message with you wherever you go. Portable displays let you do just that. These easy-to-pack, easy-to-haul exhibits can be put together in minutes and can also be used over and over again to spread a consistent message.

Portable Displays In A Nutshell

Portable displays are just what you’d expect – easy-to-move, professionally designed exhibits. A lightweight, pop-up frame supports custom-designed fabric panels that can be easily attached and removed. The entire thing sets up in minutes with no special tools. When you’re ready to take it down, it all fits into a neat little case that is easy to maneuver and carry.

Just because they’re lightweight and easy to manage doesn’t mean they’re flimsy. Portable displays are designed to withstand use over and over again as they travel with you to promotional events. Their professional construction means they’ll likely last longer than the message you’re currently displaying on it! That’s not a problem, though, since the graphic panels can be swapped out with new panels anytime you want. In fact, one display could serve multiple departments, each with their own message or information to share.

Making Travel Easy

For employees that take their display on the road with them, portable displays can’t be beat. Once safely tucked away in its case, the display fits neatly into a car, can be checked as luggage on a plane, and is even small enough to ship via commercial carriers like FedEx or UPS. You’ll save on shipping and delivery costs with every trade show and, since the display will be traveling with your staff, there’s no fear of it getting lost in the delivery system or arriving to the show late.

Since they pop-up with little to no tools, booth staff can get the exhibit put together and ready for business in minutes. There’s no need to bring along additional help just to help set up the display, or worse, having to pay laborers at the exhibition site to set it up for you.

Where To Use Portable Displays

Portable displays are eye-catching, professionally designed and can be set up by anyone, anywhere. This makes them suitable for a host of different events in every industry imaginable.

They are great for businesses that attend a lot of vendor showcases and need to be on the move frequently. They can also be an economical way to start exhibiting at trade shows. You get the same professional design as the larger, more permanent exhibits without the price tag that goes along with them. They’re excellent for use at job and career fairs or by colleges that are attending recruiting events. In-store promotions won’t be missed with one of these exhibits set up to draw customers’ attention.

If you need a lightweight display that travels easily, these versatile designs are your best bet. You get the added benefit of a product that can be updated and changed easily and doesn’t require any special or additional tools to care for it. Plus, it will always be ready to go in a pinch.